Pay Your Gratified Prayers in India While Opting for Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

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Are you a traveler who always craves for peace and tranquility? Are you fond of incredible structures & art collectibles? Do you give importance to morality like anything? If yes, then all you need is a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour. Most of the Buddhist tour packages include a visit to Varanasi, Sravasti, Bodhgaya, Lucknow, and Kushinagar. Such a Buddhist tour allows you to know about Lord Buddha’s life story, known by the name Siddhartha Gautama. All the Buddhist sites will give you a different experience. All you require is to opt for the correct tour package, which lets you experience the utmost tranquility & Buddhist principles.

The travel plan following Buddhist tourism in India would go like:-

Delhi – Agra – Varanasi – Bodhgaya – Kushinagar – Lumbini – Sravasti – Lucknow – Delhi

Delhi is the starting point because it is easy to approach by everyone who comes from different parts of India. You will head to Agra from Delhi crossing Mathura, Vrindavan, and Sikandara.

  • Varanasi


After visiting Taj Mahal, and Agra Fort in Agra, you will proceed towards Varanasi.

The first place you will be visiting in Varanasi would be SARNATH (10 KM from Varanasi). It is the place where Buddha’s first sermon was delivered. The other popular Buddhist sites to visit in Sarnath are Dhamekh Stupa, Dharmarajika Stupa, and Mulagandha Kuti Temple. The Ashoka Pillar is also a worth seeing site on which there’s Lion Capital. The lion Capital has turned out to be the National Emblem of India.

  • Bodhgaya



Gaya. Have a drive of 8 hours starting from Varanasi and reach Bodhgaya. The sites to visit in Bodhgaya are Mahabodhi Temple, Great Buddha Statue, Bodhi Tree, Sujata Temple, and Niranjana River. Under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, Gautama gained knowledge to become Buddha.

  • Kushinagar


This place isn’t much discussed among travelers, but it is included in almost all Buddhist tour packages . Kushinagar is the spot where Lord Buddha delivered his last words and departed to heaven. The spots to visit here are the Mahaparinirvana temple, and Rambhar Stupa, etc.

  • Lumbinilumbini

Lumbini is a famous destination situated in Nepal that is not missed while talking about Buddhist tourism in India. It is an essential spot because here, Lord Buddha took birth.

  • Sravasti


In Sravasti, Lord Buddha took shelter for approx. 24 extreme rainy season in Jetavana Gardens. It is a must-visit place because here the Lord had the Tirthika heretics.

After visiting Sravasti, head to Lucknow, and then return Delhi from there. From Delhi, you can head to your home town through any medium of transportation.

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